I appear in French!

The WordPress software gives me interesting statistics. For example, it tells me which Google search terms have landed people here. Today the top-ranking search was “hund cm kg diagramm”, followed by “robert browne the physist” and “cells growing on top of each other”. Kind of poetic.

But not as lyrical as the French translation of my blog (again, thanks to Google), that is apparently out there on the web.

Try this:

Certains organismes pluricellulaires émettent de la lumière dans un chemin. Fireflies procéder balises qui brillent dans la nuit, et certains poissons de haute mer phosphorescente utilisation appendices pour attirer ses proies. Cependant, les renseignements contenus dans la lumière de ces émissions est sans doute pas plus de «Je suis ici”, ou peut-être “Je suis aller dans une direction avec une certaine vitesse”.

It’s the first paragraph of an older post of mine. Some metazoans shed light on the road, do you suppose? The original read like this:

Some multicellular organisms emit light in a conspicuous way. Fireflies carry beacons that shine in the night, and some deep-sea fishes use phosphorescent appendages to attract prey. However, the information content in these light emissions is probably no greater than “I am here”, or possibly “I am moving in a certain direction with a certain velocity”.

Absurdity. I love it! And on a more serious note, I wonder how long it takes before I will actually be able to communicate straight to the majority of the world’s population, through automated translation?

UPDATE: And it gets even better when the circle completes one more rotation:

Quelques métazoaires de faire la lumière sur la route, faites-vous supposer?


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